Over Due Vacation

We go through the motions every day, every week, every month till the year has run out.  So many times I hear people say — I just can get anything accomplished – or – Different week, same stuff.  Both sound like dead end something’s.

If you’re working on a task or project and just seems like your spinning your wheels and not accomplishing anything, you’re right.  Or if your work just seems to pile up, day after day, and there’s no end in site…something needs an adjustment.  Is it you or your work?

We ignore ourselves in order to make room for other things and people.  The question is: Is it or are they worth it?  Time is extremely valuable and time spent on ourselves, in my book, is even more valuable.  I’m extremely guilty of spending more time on everyone else and other things, simply because I get lost in the moment and believe something else is more valuable than time spent on me.

Well…for the past two weeks, I didn’t do that.  First I spent a day at the spa — all day for a head to toe treatment of “Ahhhh” then off I went with a friend to see “what’s happening” in the Northeastern states.  No, the leaves weren’t changing colors yet, but we did discover great Maine lobster, sailed, shopped antiques, ate all kinds of foods, walked up and down quaint villages and met some wonderful people.

Sailed past this lighthouse on the Isaac Evans Schooner.

Sailed past this lighthouse on the Isaac Evans Schooner.

Each evening we would return to our room with a sense of “Wow, what a great day” type of feeling.   I had every intention of writing in my journal of all the things we accomplished, saw or experienced and mention all the great and wonderful people we met, but I was so exhausted that as soon as I sat on an overstuffed mattress fluffed with a duvet cover — the sand man would take over and sleep would over come me.

Now that I’m home again, I can’t believe I waited so long for this over due vacation.  So many times over the past few years, vacations meant I met up with family for funerals, reunions or putting out fires.  Now that I have reset my definition back to what a vacation really is…I’m making plans for next year.

While it’s important to take care of those you love and pay attention to things required to make our lives affordable — we can’t lose site of what matters most – and that’s our own minds & bodies.  Because without a strong  mind and healthy body, we can’t help others.



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What Happened to Time?

Recently I attended the funeral of a Wonderful family member.  Even though the event was a sad one, you had to rejoice to the life she led.

In her eulogy, you didn’t hear about how many hours she spent on-line doing searches, reading emails, posting to Facebook or playing make-believe that she knew everyone online.

Instead, you heard about how friends and family were always welcomed at her door, the open gatherings to play cards, dominos, eat, drink and be merry.  How she was always laughing and willing to spend time with others.

I remember when it only took 3 minutes to go through the daily mail and 15 to pay bills.  Now, it can take over an hour to sort through what comes through our postal service and email.  And phone calls really don’t seem to be from anyone I know…unless you want to count the same telemarketers and fund-raising committees that refuse to discard my number.

Recently I read an article telling you how to be happy…they said you have to get out, be with people, do something – anything but sit at home.  Let me add “get off the computer or cell phone” – pay attention to the people around you.  More importantly, pay attention to yourself.  If you can make yourself happy by doing things you love, it will inspire those around you and make them happy!

For years, I have always been the master of my time…except those days I get swept away

Our Cat

Our Cat

trying to read all my emails, postal deliveries marked “occupant,” and the never-ending demands of our cat.  I vow here and now to ignore all mail deliveries that do not pertain to me or interfere with something more meaningful. 

The cat?  Well, I’m sure he won’t listen to me when I say I have something more pressing to do.  After all – he believes he is the Master and I am the servant!

The moto?  Make life enjoyable!  Do something exciting, visit with friends and family – if not in person, give them a call!!  I’m sure they would love to hear from you!!!



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Resolution or Bucket List?

By now you’ve figured out whether or not you’re part of the 8% that’s keeping your New Year’s Resolution or you were too crazy to make that list in the first place.

Bucket List

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Maybe you’re working on your Annual Bucket List!  That seems to be the new thing now!!  Why create a list of things you’re not going to accomplish anyway…just create a list of  things you want to do throughout the year.  Places you want to go, people you want to spend more time with or things you want to learn and/or fulfill throughout the year.

Life changes…takes dedication, commitment!!

It’s easy to say “I’ll eat earlier…no more late night snacks” plus “I’ll get a better night’s sleep” — that is till you forget what time it is…you’re reading a book, relaxing, watching TV, it’s late…you’re watching a live television show and can’t fast forward through those food commercials that are now speaking directly to your belly.  Now, you’re hearing the rumbles coming up from your soul — directing you to the frig, the pantry, the hidden stash of sweets — anything to keep it quiet!!  “What was that?”  You started your diet yesterday?

If you’re doing Life Changes, you have to:

  • Consider everyone living in the house — If you’re not the only one, not everyone will be “loving” you by week two!  Unless they’re as committed as you are.  Or eating somewhere else when you’re not around. 😉
  • Create a reasonable time period of accomplishment — for Goal Setting purposes.  Be realistic.  Try not setting a goal to lose a specific amount of weight.  Eat a certain way, for the rest of your life and stick with it.
  • Decide to become active or more active.  If you just love all those late night TV shows…record them.  Then watch them on your terms — at an earlier hour, breeze through the food commercials, or watch them through lunch.
  • Decide what you want to do…and schedule it.  Make it happen!!  You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel doing something you’ve wanted to do with someone special (even if that special someone is yourself)!!
  • It doesn’t matter where you live…there’s a lot to do!!  Check your paper, go on-line, talk to the people in the know…discover something new around you!!

Enjoy Life…Know You’re Loved,3843324D126DDB1C76CF7B275A544D99

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Winning? Losing? Or Why Play?

Recently I took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA while attending my youngest neices’ college graduation…I’m sooo proud of her!!  But that’s not what this is about…this is about witnessing two ring-toss players enjoying their day in the sun.  On the sideline was a woman, sitting on a bench, knitting talking to anyone who would listen.

In her rambling…she said “No one wins, no one loses…why play the game?”  How interesting!!

Ring Toss

Ring Toss – Colonial Williamsburg, VA

This theory can be used in every aspect of life and business.

First, we have those that only want to play if they can win!  Then we have those that really don’t care if they win or lose — they just want to play, to feel like they belong.  But I’ve met those that play to simply understand the game.  And let’s not forget those that just refuse to play at all or those that feel they aren’t worthy enough to even get into the game.

I’ve heard it said that Life is a Stage and Business is a Game.  But whose to say it’s not reversed or each are the same?  It’s all how you use your day – present yourself – play the game of Life & Business.

Many people strongly believe who you are in Business is who you are in Life.  Is that True?  Not always!!  It could be the way you’re playing “The Game.”

We wear many “hats” while we are on “stage” and in the “game” so while you’re performing for those around you and thinking of your next move — don’t forget to think of the impact it’s going to have on your future.

Enjoy Your Holiday Season, Be Safe!


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Stockpiling for Winter?

Tis the Season…to Give and Receive.  And Stockpile??? 

The days are shorter now and with that the mornings are colder.  I like to go out in our backyard and watch the birds take birdseed from the feeder and drop seeds down to feed other birds that won’t fit on the feeder.  With that comes the squirrels — hunting all the seeds the birds don’t pick up.  Or is it before the other birds have a change to find them?  Hmmm?

During the past few weeks, I’ve noticed we have a new resident in our backyard that likes to bury his treats.  Let’s call him “Fred.”  Like most creatures, including humans, squirrels stockpile food away for later.  In this case – for the upcoming Winter months.  Let’s forget about the fact that he’s digging holes in the grass to hide his “stash” and when the leaves fall from the trees – he can’t find his treasures.  🙂  So, he jumps around – leaping from one pile of leaves to another spreading them out to see if he’s in the right spot.  Nope, this isn’t it.  Maybe this is?  Nope…let’s try another spot.  The funny thing here was (before we raked) the birds followed him around the yard peeking under the leaves.  Looking to see if he left any of their stolen seeds laying around.

Hunting Nuts/Seeds

Fred the Squirrel

This isn’t the first time this has happened – burying seeds in our yard by squirrels!  No, we have evidence this has happened several times before – based on the amount of walnut trees that have popped up in the strangest of places.  😉  That’s a different story.

But the moral of this story is…make sure the food you stash away is Fresh!  We pile cans and boxes of goods from the store in our cabinets and pantries — but when was the last time you looked at the expiration date???

No, it won’t turn into a Walnut Tree but it could make you sick.  So, make sure you take the time to check those dates!  And while you’re at it…check the dates on your medications.  You maybe surprised.



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Setting Goals

Have you ever tried to set goals for someone else?

How did that go?

Not so good, I bet!!!

Whether in business or your personal life, setting goals for someone else without consulting them is a complete waste of time and energy!!!

Let me use an example:  Let’s say you have a dog and a cat for pets.  They both have great personalities.  They both provide wonderful attributes to the family — in their own way.

You decide to take the dog for a walk.  You pull the leash out of hiding and the dog gets all excited.  Why?  Because they know they’re going somewhere!  You’re including them in your life — and it doesn’t matter where they’re going – they’re just excited to go.

Now, you decide to take the cat for a walk.  You pull the leash out and hook it up to the cat.  What happens?  The cat lays down!!  They’re not moving!!  They were not consulted about the walk and they don’t care!!  You can pull and pull and all that happens is — you dust the floor!!  (Maybe your floor needed dusting anyway!)  But you’re not going for a walk unless you carry that cat!!!

People are much like the dog or the cat.  If you want them to obtain your goals, you have to include them.  Make them believe your goals are their goals, by turning your goals into their goals.  First you have to find out what they want!  Where they want to go.  What they want to do.  What you may find is — maybe, just maybe, they like it just where they are in life and in business!  That’s why we have that old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”

We know the important key in business is to match the right person to the right position.  It’s also important to match the right set of people to the right set of goals.

So, the next time you’re all excited about moving forward — think about what it is you want to accomplish, then think about who’s best suited for the job.  The dog or the cat.


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Moving Mountains

How many times do we face something we have to do and it looks like we have to move a mountain?  This happens in business as well as our personal lives.

You think you’re having a great day, then suddenly people are coming at you from all sides.  If that’s not enough, requests come in through the mail, email and phone calls. Everyone wants something, now!

Each request seemed simple enough, but add them all up — it’s a mountain of work!  And time!! 

How do you decide what to do next?

You’ve heard the old saying — Time is money. 

It’s sooooo true!  Everyone’s time has a value.  So everything has a value — but how much value?  To figure this out, let’s take a piece of mail comes into your office, a bill.  You look at it (that takes time), you decide whether or not to open it (that takes time), you decide to put it in this pile or that pile (that takes time).  If you did not complete any action with that piece of mail — that only means you have to deal with it again (which means twice as much time because you have to start all over again) even if it’s only throwing it away (even more time).  So, by now — that’s a valuable piece of paper!

What’s the moral of the story?  Do what needs to be done as soon as you touch it — save yourself time and money!  You should read everything once — place it where it needs to go!

Spend time and money on real valuable pieces of paper, like your children’s artwork or things that matter to the heart.

Oh, I almost forgot — how do you move a mountain?  One wheelbarrow at a time!!  🙂


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Lost Time…

Too often we look at the calendar and think we have plenty of time to accomplish what we have scheduled.  And next thing we know “poof” all that time we thought we had — it’s gone!

I just knew I had the month of January to write something wonderful but next thing I knew, my mother was in the hospital.  If that wasn’t bad enough — I had a whole week in February to get things accomplished and mother was back again in the hospital.  There’s nothing worse than laying in a hospital bed all alone — doctors, nurses and aids walking in and out of your room at all hours, everything just seems so crazy to us but ordinary to them.

Mother has Alzheimer’s and has decided that she doesn’t want to eat, drink or take her med’s any more.  😦  So, we’re trying to find alternate ways to keep her hydrated, fed and alert while she travels back in time.

It’s now all about making each day a “Happy Day” and as much about quality of life as possible.  So, we pretend we’re in a different state and tell stories of long ago as if they happened yesterday.  Sometimes, I’m someone else — and that’s ok…because I get to talk with her and tell her “I love you!,” today!

Never waste your time with family and friends!!  Make every moment count by creating wonderful memories to share with each other and others later.

Always know you are Loved — by Someone, Somewhere!!  So, take good care of yourself and Enjoy Life to its fullest!

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Giving to Yourself

I don’t know about you — but my email box has been filled with sales so I can give to others.  Don’t get me wrong, I love giving to others all year long.  But too often we forget to give to ourselves!

We forget to give ourselves time.  Time to reflect how wonderful our family and friends are and how we are loved by others.

We forget to give ourselves joy and laughter.  Nothing is better for our soul than to spend time enjoying the freedom of worry.  Enjoy life, live, and love!

We forget to give ourselves rest.  Our bodies need good relaxation — sense of “ahhhhh” at the end of the day.  Our bodies need to relax to keep from collapsing into complete exhaustion at the end of the day, so we can wake up refreshed.  I like to combine my time at the end of the day to reflect how great my day has been with relaxation so when I do go to bed, sleep comes quickly and I feel refreshed in the morning.

Most of all — we forget to give ourselves good food!  Good nutrition feeds our bodies so we can live a healthy life so we can continue to enjoy our friends and family for all the years ahead!!

Each year so many people start out with New Year Resolutions — but by February many a rule will be broken.  So why create a list you know you’re not going to keep?

A dear friend of mine once told me: “New Year Resolutions were lists destined for failure, therefore, I’m going someplace new for vacation each year.”  How cool was that?  I wasn’t her only traveling companion on these adventures, but I can say I was privileged to many of them before she passed away with cancer.

Now with 2012 right around the corner — I’m thinking about what my list will look like.  Hmmm.

  1. Good Food
  2. Good Friends
  3. Joy, Laughter
  4. Living Life
  5. Spending time with family and friends
  6. Giving to myself (time, joy, laughter, life, love, relaxation, and rest)

I know some items are on the list twice!  😉  I don’t want to forget those, LOL.


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Giving Thanks!!

Most of us recently faced the challenges of a “Traditional” Thanksgiving feast – but what is that?  Is it: Mom & Dad along with all the kids and close relatives sitting around a large table, saying a prayer of “Thanks to God” for what they have?  Or has it moved into a gathering of kindred minded friends who join hands and give thanks to one another – because they are Thankful they all share a life together.

I participated in both types of celebrations this year – and I’m proud I did!  I love my family and very proud of whom they are becoming but equally important I’m extremely Thankful of my Friends!  Because they help spread joy, laughter, love, and dance throughout the world!

I also give a ton of Thanks to our military (past and present) who keep our country safe and free.  And I do not forget our Police and Firefighters – who stay here in our neighborhoods, like our military keep an open eye every day – all day for our safety.

Giving “Thanks” warms and feeds our Soul.  We should not wait until November to celebrate it – we should do it every day!!

People know you care when you call, write or visit.  It is better to spend a lot of short visits with the people you love than one large visit; it means more and creates more memories.

What are you “Thankful” for?

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