I recently read an article “How to Ask for a Raise” by Madeline Vann and she clearly states it’s all about preparation ahead of time.  For example: 1) put yourself in your boss’s shoes, 2) Get input from a mentor, 3) spotlight your strengths, 4) print out your proof, 5) Consider the when and the where, 6) probe into pay, 7) lean on your network, 8 ) be open minded and, 9) keep calm.

The most important objects I found here were the preparations and keeping calm!  Like most things in life when facing any difficult situation – it’s easy to lose our heads (especially our minds and mouths) during a situation and once that happens – we can’t turn back the clock, no matter how hard we try.

The hardest part is finding all the correct information we need and then staying calm — leaving all emotions out of the situation.  To verify our information is correct, we need a trail of documents and not word of mouth, but to stay calm — that’s another matter all together different.  We hear that business isn’t personal, but when you put hours, days, months on a project — it can feel like your soul is on the line when it’s reviewed by someone else…how can this not be personal when so much of you went into creating it?

What you need is honest feedback before hand.  One or two people who can offer a list of pro’s and con’s of your presentation…anywhere from appearance, presentation to documentation.  Most importantly, you have to be strong enough to listen and understand what they are telling you, so you can make the right corrections and your strongest attributes can come through.

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