It’s All About Choices

Ever wonder how some people seem to make it further in the world than others?  It’s all about making the right choice.  But how do they do that?

Think Before You Act

First, don’t make any decision with haste.  Weigh out all your options.  When you think you have enough information — look for more.

Review your situation.  Take a long hard long look at your situation from all angles — you could be missing something by looking at it from one angle.

Talk it over with friends, family or someone you trust.  Sometimes just talking it over will bring about new options or areas you didn’t see before.

Create a plan!  Can you mentally see your plan in action?  Or the end result with the options you have?  If not, find more options.

Finally, know when you have to make your final decision!  Don’t jump to conclusions!  Too often we think the finish line is right in front of us when in reality we have plenty of time to make the right choice.

So often we set out thinking we have the best intentions only to discover that around the corner, if we had just waited a couple more days, we would have made better decision.  If we had only known.  Research and talking things over can be our best friends!  Act only when you know you have a clear choice.

Think about it!!

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