You’re Not Alone – Taking That First Step

You’re going through life or your business career and everything seems just fine — then all of a sudden boom!  Things change.  What was once familiar is now all different.

In life it could be a change in personal settings, in business it could be a promotion or it could be a move to a new area — but things are no longer the routine you set up for yourself…things like this can become scary and set fear in our hearts.

Where do you turn?  If you go to the bookstore — is there a ‘self-help’ book?  No. or Maybe.  or Yes.  but Not Always.  Are you the type of person that reaches out to others?

Did you realize that Dr. Ruth uses the ‘turtle‘ as her symbol because the turtle has to stick his head out of his shell each time he wants to take a step.  I never thought about the turtle before I heard this.  Now I love the turtle — just for this reason!

Everyone has to take that first step sometime!  The glory about it, we are never alone!!  We just need to know where to look to find that hand to help us.  To guide us.  To help reassure us — to let us know if we fall, someone will lend a helping hand back up.

In our lives, no matter whether it’s personal or business, we have made first steps for ourselves and have lended helping hands to others by providing examples.

The two key elements in life and business are:

1.  Know when you need a helping hand

2.  Provide an excellent example for others

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