Simple Pleasures

The most joy in life comes with the simplest of pleasure…just think about it!

  • Good Food
  • A Friend asking about your Day
  • A Wonderful Sunrise or Sunset
  • A Perfect Night’s Sleep

Anything that puts a smile on your face or in your heart.  Or something that makes you feel at ease with yourself or the world.  Some things do not cost money, in fact – most are free – they just take time.

We should have several simple pleasures throughout our day.  Moments in time where we can just say or think “awwww” this is really nice. 

But too many times we rush around, meeting deadlines, hitting traffic jams, listen to ringing telephones, face long email lists – thinking this will never end.  Face each day with yesterday’s left overs.  And the pile never ends.  When is enough – enough?

Today!!  Today is the day!  Tomorrow isn’t here yet, yesterday is gone – you need to start today!  Take a moment to find that simple pleasure today.  What will bring you the simplest pleasure?

With winter approaching, I like a large cup of hot chocolate, a cold night with a blazing fire and a good book! And I just sink into a comfy chair and “ahhhhhhhh.”

Samples of Other Simple Pleasures: (these things are meant for the moment…not while multitasking)

  • Handwritten Note from a Friend or Love One
  • The Smell of Fresh Great Tasting Food (not processed food)
  • The Smell of Fresh Flowers (not refrigerated ones)
  • The Smell of Fresh Fruit
  • A Telephone Call to a Good Friend
  • A Stroll in the Park
  • Listen to Music and Relax
  • Read a Book
  • Cuddle by a Fire
  • Long Hot Soak in the Tub



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