Giving Thanks!!

Most of us recently faced the challenges of a “Traditional” Thanksgiving feast – but what is that?  Is it: Mom & Dad along with all the kids and close relatives sitting around a large table, saying a prayer of “Thanks to God” for what they have?  Or has it moved into a gathering of kindred minded friends who join hands and give thanks to one another – because they are Thankful they all share a life together.

I participated in both types of celebrations this year – and I’m proud I did!  I love my family and very proud of whom they are becoming but equally important I’m extremely Thankful of my Friends!  Because they help spread joy, laughter, love, and dance throughout the world!

I also give a ton of Thanks to our military (past and present) who keep our country safe and free.  And I do not forget our Police and Firefighters – who stay here in our neighborhoods, like our military keep an open eye every day – all day for our safety.

Giving “Thanks” warms and feeds our Soul.  We should not wait until November to celebrate it – we should do it every day!!

People know you care when you call, write or visit.  It is better to spend a lot of short visits with the people you love than one large visit; it means more and creates more memories.

What are you “Thankful” for?

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