Lost Time…

Too often we look at the calendar and think we have plenty of time to accomplish what we have scheduled.  And next thing we know “poof” all that time we thought we had — it’s gone!

I just knew I had the month of January to write something wonderful but next thing I knew, my mother was in the hospital.  If that wasn’t bad enough — I had a whole week in February to get things accomplished and mother was back again in the hospital.  There’s nothing worse than laying in a hospital bed all alone — doctors, nurses and aids walking in and out of your room at all hours, everything just seems so crazy to us but ordinary to them.

Mother has Alzheimer’s and has decided that she doesn’t want to eat, drink or take her med’s any more.  😦  So, we’re trying to find alternate ways to keep her hydrated, fed and alert while she travels back in time.

It’s now all about making each day a “Happy Day” and as much about quality of life as possible.  So, we pretend we’re in a different state and tell stories of long ago as if they happened yesterday.  Sometimes, I’m someone else — and that’s ok…because I get to talk with her and tell her “I love you!,” today!

Never waste your time with family and friends!!  Make every moment count by creating wonderful memories to share with each other and others later.

Always know you are Loved — by Someone, Somewhere!!  So, take good care of yourself and Enjoy Life to its fullest!

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  1. jack stands says:

    jack stands
    Deference to author , some great entropy.

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