Moving Mountains

How many times do we face something we have to do and it looks like we have to move a mountain?  This happens in business as well as our personal lives.

You think you’re having a great day, then suddenly people are coming at you from all sides.  If that’s not enough, requests come in through the mail, email and phone calls. Everyone wants something, now!

Each request seemed simple enough, but add them all up — it’s a mountain of work!  And time!! 

How do you decide what to do next?

You’ve heard the old saying — Time is money. 

It’s sooooo true!  Everyone’s time has a value.  So everything has a value — but how much value?  To figure this out, let’s take a piece of mail comes into your office, a bill.  You look at it (that takes time), you decide whether or not to open it (that takes time), you decide to put it in this pile or that pile (that takes time).  If you did not complete any action with that piece of mail — that only means you have to deal with it again (which means twice as much time because you have to start all over again) even if it’s only throwing it away (even more time).  So, by now — that’s a valuable piece of paper!

What’s the moral of the story?  Do what needs to be done as soon as you touch it — save yourself time and money!  You should read everything once — place it where it needs to go!

Spend time and money on real valuable pieces of paper, like your children’s artwork or things that matter to the heart.

Oh, I almost forgot — how do you move a mountain?  One wheelbarrow at a time!!  🙂


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