Setting Goals

Have you ever tried to set goals for someone else?

How did that go?

Not so good, I bet!!!

Whether in business or your personal life, setting goals for someone else without consulting them is a complete waste of time and energy!!!

Let me use an example:  Let’s say you have a dog and a cat for pets.  They both have great personalities.  They both provide wonderful attributes to the family — in their own way.

You decide to take the dog for a walk.  You pull the leash out of hiding and the dog gets all excited.  Why?  Because they know they’re going somewhere!  You’re including them in your life — and it doesn’t matter where they’re going – they’re just excited to go.

Now, you decide to take the cat for a walk.  You pull the leash out and hook it up to the cat.  What happens?  The cat lays down!!  They’re not moving!!  They were not consulted about the walk and they don’t care!!  You can pull and pull and all that happens is — you dust the floor!!  (Maybe your floor needed dusting anyway!)  But you’re not going for a walk unless you carry that cat!!!

People are much like the dog or the cat.  If you want them to obtain your goals, you have to include them.  Make them believe your goals are their goals, by turning your goals into their goals.  First you have to find out what they want!  Where they want to go.  What they want to do.  What you may find is — maybe, just maybe, they like it just where they are in life and in business!  That’s why we have that old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”

We know the important key in business is to match the right person to the right position.  It’s also important to match the right set of people to the right set of goals.

So, the next time you’re all excited about moving forward — think about what it is you want to accomplish, then think about who’s best suited for the job.  The dog or the cat.


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