Stockpiling for Winter?

Tis the Season…to Give and Receive.  And Stockpile??? 

The days are shorter now and with that the mornings are colder.  I like to go out in our backyard and watch the birds take birdseed from the feeder and drop seeds down to feed other birds that won’t fit on the feeder.  With that comes the squirrels — hunting all the seeds the birds don’t pick up.  Or is it before the other birds have a change to find them?  Hmmm?

During the past few weeks, I’ve noticed we have a new resident in our backyard that likes to bury his treats.  Let’s call him “Fred.”  Like most creatures, including humans, squirrels stockpile food away for later.  In this case – for the upcoming Winter months.  Let’s forget about the fact that he’s digging holes in the grass to hide his “stash” and when the leaves fall from the trees – he can’t find his treasures.  🙂  So, he jumps around – leaping from one pile of leaves to another spreading them out to see if he’s in the right spot.  Nope, this isn’t it.  Maybe this is?  Nope…let’s try another spot.  The funny thing here was (before we raked) the birds followed him around the yard peeking under the leaves.  Looking to see if he left any of their stolen seeds laying around.

Hunting Nuts/Seeds

Fred the Squirrel

This isn’t the first time this has happened – burying seeds in our yard by squirrels!  No, we have evidence this has happened several times before – based on the amount of walnut trees that have popped up in the strangest of places.  😉  That’s a different story.

But the moral of this story is…make sure the food you stash away is Fresh!  We pile cans and boxes of goods from the store in our cabinets and pantries — but when was the last time you looked at the expiration date???

No, it won’t turn into a Walnut Tree but it could make you sick.  So, make sure you take the time to check those dates!  And while you’re at it…check the dates on your medications.  You maybe surprised.



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