Winning? Losing? Or Why Play?

Recently I took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, VA while attending my youngest neices’ college graduation…I’m sooo proud of her!!  But that’s not what this is about…this is about witnessing two ring-toss players enjoying their day in the sun.  On the sideline was a woman, sitting on a bench, knitting talking to anyone who would listen.

In her rambling…she said “No one wins, no one loses…why play the game?”  How interesting!!

Ring Toss

Ring Toss – Colonial Williamsburg, VA

This theory can be used in every aspect of life and business.

First, we have those that only want to play if they can win!  Then we have those that really don’t care if they win or lose — they just want to play, to feel like they belong.  But I’ve met those that play to simply understand the game.  And let’s not forget those that just refuse to play at all or those that feel they aren’t worthy enough to even get into the game.

I’ve heard it said that Life is a Stage and Business is a Game.  But whose to say it’s not reversed or each are the same?  It’s all how you use your day – present yourself – play the game of Life & Business.

Many people strongly believe who you are in Business is who you are in Life.  Is that True?  Not always!!  It could be the way you’re playing “The Game.”

We wear many “hats” while we are on “stage” and in the “game” so while you’re performing for those around you and thinking of your next move — don’t forget to think of the impact it’s going to have on your future.

Enjoy Your Holiday Season, Be Safe!


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