What Happened to Time?

Recently I attended the funeral of a Wonderful family member.  Even though the event was a sad one, you had to rejoice to the life she led.

In her eulogy, you didn’t hear about how many hours she spent on-line doing searches, reading emails, posting to Facebook or playing make-believe that she knew everyone online.

Instead, you heard about how friends and family were always welcomed at her door, the open gatherings to play cards, dominos, eat, drink and be merry.  How she was always laughing and willing to spend time with others.

I remember when it only took 3 minutes to go through the daily mail and 15 to pay bills.  Now, it can take over an hour to sort through what comes through our postal service and email.  And phone calls really don’t seem to be from anyone I know…unless you want to count the same telemarketers and fund-raising committees that refuse to discard my number.

Recently I read an article telling you how to be happy…they said you have to get out, be with people, do something – anything but sit at home.  Let me add “get off the computer or cell phone” – pay attention to the people around you.  More importantly, pay attention to yourself.  If you can make yourself happy by doing things you love, it will inspire those around you and make them happy!

For years, I have always been the master of my time…except those days I get swept away

Our Cat

Our Cat

trying to read all my emails, postal deliveries marked “occupant,” and the never-ending demands of our cat.  I vow here and now to ignore all mail deliveries that do not pertain to me or interfere with something more meaningful. 

The cat?  Well, I’m sure he won’t listen to me when I say I have something more pressing to do.  After all – he believes he is the Master and I am the servant!

The moto?  Make life enjoyable!  Do something exciting, visit with friends and family – if not in person, give them a call!!  I’m sure they would love to hear from you!!!



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