About Dr Wanda

Hi Everyone,

I like helping people find solutions to making things better in their world whether it’s for their life or business.  I served our country in the United States Air Force for 24 years then took my own spiritual journey around the world to find my inner self…that in itself, I’ve been told, is book worthy.  But it lead me on another path of education of social work, helping non-profits and people in need.  Then on to acquiring my doctorate in holistic health where I find great satisfaction as a coach — continuing my work helping both people and businesses alike.

I started a marketing business helping non-profits and small companies become noticed on the internet in 1999 through Merical Marketing Communications.  Then in 2008 when the world turned upside down, people and companies need to find direction and self goals again as their world around them became lost and confused, so I started coaching as Dr. Wanda.

In February 2010 my mother needed to be rescued from her environment because she now has Alzheimer’s — a frightful diagnosis to not only the person with this disease but family and friends that love them.  So we struggle with this on a daily basis.  My main mission with my mom is to let her know that I love her with all my heart and maintain normal quality of life the best I can.


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